Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Leftover Links

Wow, have I been lazy today! After the 5 hours I spent in traffic yesterday, I have wanted to just stay still. So other than our doggie jogs last night and this morning, the last 24 hours have mostly been about me and Ghost the puppy (part Corgi, part Doberman) cuddling and watching the entire oeuvre of the Brat Pack. Next, we're onto Misery

In the mean time, I've been pretending like I'm able to shop. If so, here are some things that'd be on my list. 

- Richard Saja Frankentoile. I die. 
- Even though it's still warm, this fluffy Manhattan throw.
- Pretty.  
- My Ideal Bookshelf. For Obvious Reasons. 
- I'd totally shop this

Plus, bonus links:
- Pretty, small spaces
- I think I need to paint my living room. Farrow & Ball's Borrowed Light is the prime suspect.
- LACMA's Kubrick exhibitio

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