Thursday, November 15, 2012

Small Girl Builds Large Furniture

I'm exhausted. Things are coming together, but I've been hauling furniture upstairs, lifting large slabs of glass and dealing with way more wooden dowels than I'm really interested in. But the good news is, all I'm missing is all the the things to sit and lie down on: my chaise, my bed, my mattress, and my chair! 

Oh, and all my stuff from London (remember when I lived there?!?) the delivery of which keeps getting pushed back. 

Sorry if my decorating story is on the more quotidien side of things for a blog, but I'm just too tired to think of anything interesting that doesn't pertain to this apartment. On the upside, today, Dena taught me how to switch out lamp harps to make sure the bulb holder doesn't show. Also on the upside, I have a large bottle of wine and I'm seeing Anna Karenin tomorrow with McC. Woo! See you tomorrow!

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