Thursday, November 29, 2012

Oooh, Look at My Cute Pals on Vulture!

When VOTE! was off broadway in 2009, the lovely Nina Sturtz played Trish. (She's the character who sings "Villain's Girl.") Through that summer (what I lovingly call The Summer That Almost Killed Us or The Summer Where I Quit My Life and Decided to Move to Scotland or The Summer of Running and/or Wandering The Streets of New York in Tears OR The Summer of The Crowbar & Margaritas) I not only got to know Nina, but also her family. 

Actually, quite a few folks in this vid I'd consider part of my extended musical family in NYC (and/or have even been in some incarnation of VOTE! or other artistic project of ours.) and so it was a delight to learn that 1.) Nina had gotten engaged 2.) That Eric decided to go Battery's Down style on it and make this video and 3.) That the thing went kinda viral and even got picked up on my fave fave fave pop culture website, Vulture

My favorite part is actually Nina's dad breaking it down on the accordion. 

Bravo, Eric La Barre. For a non-musical theatre dude, you sold the shit out that. And best wishes to you both! xo from Los Angeles.

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