Thursday, November 1, 2012

Martyred Queens For the Modern Audience

You didn't think I'd forgotten about Scotland, did you? I definitely haven't. I'm still looking for Scotland everywhere I go. Including here in Hollywood. So today, let's talk about two Mary Queen of Scots projects that are in the pipeline. 

The first, I'm quite excited about, if only because it marks a drastic upgrade in casting-- IMO. Working Title is putting together a biopic of Mary in younger days with Saoirse Ronan. I'm a big fan of the gal and am just so so so thankful we won't have to watch Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson her way through it. I find her clunky and I just can't deal with her in period pieces. I find her insufferable. And every time I think about her being Natalie Portman's sister in The Other Boleyn Girl, I throw up a little in my mouth. So kudos, Working Title, for moving away from her and onto Saoirse. 

The second is either going to be brilliant or an utter disaster: a teen show for CW, also about Mary's younger days in France called Reign. The network describes the show as Game of Thrones meets Marie Antoinette. But that's not all! The description goes on... "...if Marie Antoinette had a girl posse and was coming of age as a Warrior Queen..." So, take that as you will. No word on casting yet. 

While she's been played by many great actresses-- Katharine Hepburn, Vanessa Redgraves, Samantha Morton (though that Scottish brogue was a bit misleading)-- probably the best recent film portrayal is by French actress Clemence Poesy. Best overall portrayal: The AMAZING Janet McTeer in the superbly crafted Schiller play, Mary Stuart

My obsession with MQoS virtually guarantees that I will watch/own/write about both of these projects. I never get sick of takes on her story. But I hope they're handled well. Or I'll be mad I didn't get a crack at the story myself. One day, Steven and I are gonna get to that martyred queen song cycle we always talked about doing. But what do you think? Over the top fabulous? Ghetto Camp Fabulous? Horrific?

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