Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Houston Bound

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Back to Houston for the first time in over five years. Other than friends and, ya know, seeing VOTE! all I can really think about Houston is food. I just want to eat at all my old favorite restaurants. I think it's going to be a big weekend for Mexican and Thai Food and Barbecue. Oh my god, I gotta stop thinking about Ninfa's and Nit Noi and Kolaches and Demeris and oh wow, I gotta go to sleep. While I fly, enjoy this vid of the baby birdies on ABC in Houston! 

UK'ers, hope they don't block this! Also, UK'ers, anyone wanna tell me if the new VOTE! cast album is actually available for purchase on UK itunes?

Also, talked to the one and only real live Ms Fowler via email today. An inspiration as always. Thanking Green Valley High School and Rice this week for my education.  

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