Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Links

Houston Houston Houston. Can't stop thinking about Houston. Can't stop thinking about how fast this fall is going to go by. How much stuff is going on and hoping I'm going to pull it all off. Basically, this is what I say every fall. I'm living in about eight worlds. Wish me luck. Here are some of those worlds. 

- Rice folks, there's a special performance of VOTE! just for you!
- Very much on my mind, an interesting article about addiction
- I'd like this Catcher in the Rye iphone case if it didn't cost like $40!
- New cute blog alert
- The elusive big idea
- Julian Fellowes chats with the NYTimes. Julian Fellowes!! New season of Downton!
- We've talked a lot about art that addressed 9/11 in my program. But what about this new Amy Waldman novel The Submission?
- Child's eye view of NYC
- Don't you hurt my Scotland, Hurricane Katia

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