Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Margaret Mitchell: American Rebel

You leave the United States for ONE YEAR and you miss something like this! In commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the greatest novel ever written, Georgia Public Broadcasting made this feature on the life of my dear, esteemed Margaret Munnerlin Mitchell Upshaw Marsh. Sigh. Who DVR'ed this? Help me!

Annoyingly, the site won't let me embed these videos, except the one "newsreel"y one below. But (aside from some not-very-well-written voice-over copy on them) they're pretty good and worth watching. Especially this one.

Oh, girl. Ever since I was about ten years old, I've just felt like I understood her. In fact, for several long tracts of my adolescent years, I was thought I might be the reincarnation of the GWTW author. (I was very precocious. Obviously.) "Very volatile. Emotionally and psychologically." Ha. 

If you're like me and must feed your obsession (McCleskey. Dena.) you can check out the press kit too. 

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