Friday, August 12, 2011

Vote! Cast Album, Videos, Interviews

It's so easy to get thrown back into the NYC factory of work. Lots is going on here from Ferguson-Jamail Command Center Alpha on 45th Street. We've been writing new stuff for Nic & Alix, and preparing for the new 12 track VOTE! Cast Album TUTS is making with our adorable teenage cast. 

We went back into the studio with our beloved Jim Morgan to round out some of the orchestrations (I still remember when we first went in there with Haviland, Dan, Alissa and Idara back in 2007. Wow.) and lay down the track for Angelica's new number "Be Aggressive." For those of you who've seen the show, you know this element was always a part of that scene, but now it's a whole number, complete with a marching band. Let's see some cheerleaders fly, shall we? 

I'm sending this new rehearsal vid your way with some snippets of them people learning the opening number and choreography. Can't wait to see it in full. It's one of the biggest changes to the show, actually. We used to be really concerned about whether people liked Muffin. We kept trying to make her likable in the beginning. And finally, we just said, you know what? Let's just let her be kind of a brat in the beginning and save them liking her until the end. The difference was amazing. That's why we've kept her out of the first half of the opening and just let everyone else discuss her. Then we meet her. She's hiding out from everyone, and from their expectations of her. She doesn't want to run. We don't know why. We assume it's because she's lazy. She sings "Dreams Are Overrated" (now part of the overall opening number called "Everyone Has A Dream") as a way to work up the nerve to go back out to school and face the fabricated persona that she and Trish have pigeon-holed her into. It played really well in the UK. Can't wait to see it on a big pretty stage. 

Speaking of personas, I got to do an interview with the TUTS people for their website and here is the article. You might already know a lot of this about the creation of stuff and how Steven and I got together, but in case you don't, here is the interview!

Hope you have a jammin' Friday and a great weekend! 

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