Thursday, August 25, 2011

Battle of the Redheads- Vote for Lindsey

My cousin-extraordinaire has been trouncing the competition in this "Hottest Week" Vote off on and now she's in a battle of the gingers, third round. She needs your help. I'm still not actually sure what the contest is about (it's not an all-redhead contest). Whether it's about designers or just about being hot. In any case, I obviously think that Lindsey should win. So vote for her here, and check out her work here. The winner gets a big interview on Curbed, so let's help give a self-starting entrepreneur and awesome designer a nice platform! (And voting ends tonight at 10AM Eastern, so don't delay!)

Here are some more links for your Thursday:

-Cute article about two VOTE! actresses
- Another badass redhead, Grace Coddington
-These CEOs have pledged no campaign donations. Woo!
- Buying short stories for $1.99 on Kindle... will you buy? I might. I  mean, it's Tom Rachmann
- Everyone's jumping on the instagram train!
- Granta Magazine talks the nature of Memory & Invention
- And because they're awesome, they also did this awesome interview with my phd advisor, John Burnside
- Literary spheres of influence
- Quit your job and follow your dreams. I did  it. Lindsey did it. Do it. 

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