Friday, August 19, 2011

Belting Bechtels

On a rainy night in NYC, I went to hear my pals Autumn and Nina sing in a cabaret put together by my other pal Tiffany to support a children's theatre in Texas. While I was there, I got to finally hear in person adorable 11 year old prodigy, Mallory Bechtel. Musical Theatre is a family affair for the Bechtels-- older sister, Meredith was also present and I was thrilled to make the first acquaintance of a member of our Houston cast. (You cast see her pretty well in the "Be Aggressive" video.) I'm thrilled to know the Bechtels and can't wait to hang with them in Houston next month. 

Check out Mallory for yourself and don't forget to come see Meredith and the rest of our cast next month. Get your tickets at

So listen. I'm writing a lot and headed to Wales tomorrow. I just might take this weekend off. I may post. Haven't decided yet. Just go with me if I can't pull it off though, okay. It's crunch time.

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  1. Wales... so close and yet I've never been. Someday soon :)


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