Monday, May 17, 2010

your opinion, please

which blog header do you like best? I like the one with the picture (so dreamy! thanks eternal, Corinne!) but the shape, size & simplicity of the toile wallpaper from Timorous Beasties (it's a pic I took at my birthday party at Highlands) What do you think? Which should I keep?

PS- Bonus, poetry lovers...can anyone name which poet/poem the phrase "Timorous Beasties" comes from??


  1. "To a Mouse" Robert Burns, I like the photo, although the Timourous Beasties toile is lovely from the distance, is that the toile that has beast and all kinda crazy things in it when you look deeper into it? I think it is, but not sure.

  2. they do have the naughty toile, but the one I have in the banner is just pheasants. :)

  3. Love the one you chose. Best photoshoot ever!

  4. picture. it is dreamy.


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