Wednesday, May 5, 2010

plastic surgery

If you hang around me long enough, you'll probably hear me rant about plastic surgery. Or more specifically, boob jobs. And while this video is a genuinely disturbing demonstration of some sad self esteem type things, here is one of my biggest issues with plastic surgery: it's not fair.

I know what you're thinking-- Ryann, you have great boobs (why thank you!) why ever would you care about boobs??

It's not fair.

That's right. I said it. I got the boobs-- me. That's what I got. That's my little genetic flourish. You got something too! You got those legs or perfect skin or no bags under your eyes... depending on who you are. But me (and all the other well-endowed ladies) we got boobs.

It disrupts the balance of power when you can pay for yours. Because there's no surgery that make me 5'10 or speed up my metabolism. Not gonna happen. You can get what I have, but I can't get what you have.

Here's why else it's not only unfair, but disturbing-- building femmebots gives men an incorrect idea about what they should expect from women physically. It creates in their already spoiled and reckless brains the idea that women are supposed to look like that. And that they come a dime a dozen. There will always be another one. I get that men like boobs (supposedly). But I've noticed in the last several years, that men are so used to fake big boobs, they actually prefer them to real ones. I heard an actual friend of mine say, "I think real boobs look weird. I only like the way fake ones look..."


My comments on plastic surgery are by no means the best or the first on the subject, but they're mine. Just like my boobs. So back off, ladies. :)


  1. i am way behind on reading your posts. that is what a week without internet does to a person.

    as far as fake boobs go, i was never an advocate. never. but that was because mine used to be just fine. used to be. after two kids, they are so lackluster. so i find myself considering having them "restored". but it is just a consideration at this point. besides if i do do it, i don't really think of it as self improvement, just giving myself back what i used to have.
    of course justifying it for myself does mean i can't be so hard on those who have done it. so i guess i am of mixed opinions. cause i don't think people should pick and choose how they look. we came into this world a certain way and we should accept that. of course easier said than done.
    does any of this jibberish make sense?

  2. You make sense. Restoring is totally fine. And, really, it's my own hahha because if there was plastic surgery to make my legs longer, I'd Soooooo do it ;) :) What's really the worst are those collagen lips...come on! Those look terrible on EVERYONE!! xoxoxo to you, La!

  3. I don't support plastic surgery either, but for a different reason. First, it looks so unnatural (fake boobs are perfectly spherical, and face surgery looks taught and alien-like) and second, it's like you're lying to the world. I feel the same way about makeup - less is better.

    But I totally understand your reasoning - I have no boobs to speak of, but I was born with long eyelashes. So it seems unfair when girls get eyelash extensions. Our "means of survival" obliterated for a measly $100 :P

    I think it comes down to - everyone needs to accept their body and bring out the best of it. Cuz if you have a great personality, it'll show. xoxo!

  4. AnonymousJune 29, 2012

    As a guy who likes REAL boobies, I couldn't agree more with your post. First of all ladies, no matter how you were blessed, you are more than the sum of your looks. Secondly, no matter whether natural or purchased, looks fade. So, GUYS!!! remember that it REALLY IS what is on the inside that counts. Fake boobs or face lifts are always willing to celebrate your successes, (on your dime I might add), but they will not hold your hand when you're sick, they won't support you when you fail, and they won't be your best friend when you're down, and sure as hell won't tell you the truth when you need to be reigned in. Find these qualities in a woman and no matter how she is packaged on the outside, she IS the one for you! Or you can repeat my mistakes and be with a lot of beautiful bodies with ugly people inside until you learn this lesson the hard way.

  5. See above.

    I find that these ladies who are so dedicated to their own appearance either leave little time for anyone elses' (natural) imperfections (like ageing) or worse, have some neurosis about their own, frequently a fear of being left behind by their profession, friends or partner.
    How many women get their boobs done just once in their lives?


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