Monday, May 17, 2010

what a miracle

After all the waiting, the tears, the drama (whoa, the drama) to have met Tigerlily and know that she is safe and a part of a truly one of a kind family is the best feeling in  the world. I feel protective and lucky to be part of such a family, myself. At Emily's wedding, I thanked them for raising & every other kid who gets within a 10 foot radius of their house. I could thank them every day for their special kind of together.

After everything Emily & TL have been through together, there was, finally, such extraordinary moments of peace. I know that they are bonded forever. To finally hold her... oh I just love this little baby forever. And being a part of this experience certainly made me affirmed that I want one of those little folks of my own someday.

All my love to the indigo child, Miss TL.

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  1. Congrats congrats!! So adorable and sweet!


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