Friday, May 7, 2010


I'm off to meet her tomorrow! Emily isn't in labor yet or anything, but we've got 5 days for her to decide to come on out and say hello to all the people who love her. I'm predicting Monday. I hope she's been listening to my thoughts.

Not just anyone could get away with naming their child Tigerlily (TL) (I think it's such a cool-girl name by the way) but Emily sure can! She's had this as her daughter's name for years before TL was even close to being conceived. She'd always follow it up with, "...and I'm going to dress her only in costumes. Exclusively costumes."

I feel like I already know what her personality will be like... mellow, stealthy sense of humor, feisty when necessary and extremely loyal. I think she'll be really artsy and will super super love her eccentric Auntie Ryann.

For more on Emily and TL, you might enjoy this entry

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