Friday, February 8, 2013

I Burned Through All of House of Cards Last Week, So Now What Do I Do With My Life? Friday Links

How can I be this busy without having a proper job? Or perhaps a better question is, how was I getting all this done when I had one? Never mind, it's all fifth gear over here in Melrose Hill, home of the revamped, suped-up littlewowproductions. We were in the studio most of the week with Nicholas & Alexandra and we've got some tracks we're so excited and nearly ready to show you. After this week though, I'm taking it easy over the next few days and logging some hours in my PJs. 

Next week, I will reluctantly bring you my third annual crush week. Though pretty much the only thing I have a crush on is House of Cards on Netflix and my Magic Bullet Smoothie Maker. 

- Intriguing passports of famous artists and writers
- Eight days alone in London.
- I won't hire people who use poor grammar. WORD. 
- The comedy of cruelty.
- Reeeeally interesting article about ADHD treatment and our love of prescriptions
- Money and Depression: Telling Your Boss or Not
- I'm still loving the crap out of Pedestrian Verse. Now I want the vinyl

Finally, more Roald Dahl turned into musicals! Hooray! Brits! Shaiman & Wittman (again.) Candy!

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