Monday, February 11, 2013

Crush Week: Griffith Park

I started Crush Week on this blog a couple of years ago as a way to entice myself to find something to like about Valentine's Day. Either guys who were out there somewhere just being crush-worthy or, as has turned out to be the more frequent case, things, ideas, places, etc that make me feel a little hope and a little romance in daily life. 

I'll warn you that I don't find much about the male species to be crush-worthy these days. I'm gonna try real hard this week to give you at least one example of a dude I find crush-worthy. But I'll prep you now, the select things I am loving about life these days are more like bands, food products, and freedom in my schedule to hike Griffith Park every day. 

Which brings us to the number one thing I have a crush on and that's Griffith Park. With very few exceptions, especially since I took back control of my own employment schedule, I hike up to  the Griffith Observatory every morning. It's also the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning too, as it's my view from my bedroom window. 

A lot of the time, no matter where I move, I feel like everything is the same. Nothing will ever change or advance. I keep moving, but I'm not getting anywhere. Hiking Griffith in the sun, with bare shoulders, even in January or February chips away just a little bit, at that notion that nothing is ever going to get better. You can move somewhere with sunshine, at least. And you can carve out one hour a day, at the very least to appreciate that, if nothing else. 

Happy Monday!

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