Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Crush Week: Bearded Aussies Justin O'Shea & Tom Bull

I did it! I found some smokin' hot male people. They aren't people I actually know, but let's just run with it. Aussies don't really crank the dials for me the same way they do a lot of ladies I know, but these two are sort of special. 

I'm pretty sure Justin O'Shea (the worldwide buying director of is gay (I try to avoid listening to his speaking voice, in order to keep that knowledge at bay), but perhaps that's part of his appeal. It's all just hypothetical. As Anne Taintor says, "She liked imaginary men best of all."  

I feel like Justin O'Shea is the grown up version of fellow Aussie, Tom Bull. And I know, Tom Bull looks already grown up (and grown up RIGHT!) but he's like fourteen years old. Oof. He does mention an ex-girlfriend though, so at he's playing for the team. 

Blonde beards. Rugged. What is my deal? 

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