Tuesday, March 9, 2010

music memories

My dad was part of an amazing band in the 70's called Steamboat Springs. They were kind of a big deal-- in fact, Alabama, the band stole a lot of their early stuff from them.
The idea of my dad in this band has inspired a lot of my ideas about myself, about writing-- both as a songwriter and a general storyteller. My story Babies & James, which I'll post on here soon, is about my mom and dad and how I imagine they met. (I know how they met, so this is a fictional elaboration on what I already know.)
My ideas of this band are why I love "Almost Famous" and "Crazy Heart" (like a combo of each of my parents main identifiers! Alcoholism + Country Music! [dad is obviously country music, mom is obviously the booze])
And a kind of melancholy I specialize in-- a romanticizing of a place in time that no longer exists.
Well now they're having a reunion concert in Myrtle Beach this summer to celebrate the life of Giant Jeff, who recently passed away, but founded SXSE before he died. If you feel like swaying to some southern rock and remembering the good old days, come hang in the bygone romantic town of Myrtle Beach, SC this June 12th. One of my last Southern sojourns before I head North North North to Scotland.

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