Saturday, March 20, 2010

feel flows

Happy first day of spring!

It's 74 degrees today and sunny sunny sunny in NYC.
Amy Weber and I are headed to the Architectural Digest Home Design Expo. I think in another life, I was an interior decorator. I really do love it. I guess it sort of runs in the family, since that's Lindsey's main squeeze.
A day like today-- pale and mellow and sun-filled--feels like, sounds like "Feel Flows" to me. What's funny is when I was thinking that, I was specifically thinking of the end credits of "Almost Famous" where the soft focus polaroids flip as the song plays, making you remember all the days that let you feel flows and feel free. And then, when I went to post the song, this was available, so I thought, YES!
I feel like I don't live in my body in the winter, but spring comes and I suddenly remember my senses and want to move!

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