Tuesday, March 16, 2010

cosmic love+ scotland

Even before I knew I was going to Scotland, even when there was just the hope that I would go there, this was the song of that hope. Of returning to the primordial. The origin.

For indeed, for me, there is something basic, original, primitive and tribal about Scotland. Violent, compassionless landscapes. Stinging rain but beautiful fog. Misty, Majestic, Mystical, the root. The feeling of a full gallop. Running in the middle of nowhere at night.

This song sounds like returning to that. To be stripped down to what is most basic about me, about what it means for me to be human, where I came from. Before I came from New York, or from Vegas or from Georgia. Before I came from my parents and their archetypes. For a long time, history was old enough. For a long time, New York was old enough and Georgia was old enough, and sepia photos were old enough. And now I need cosmic, stars, mountains, primordial ancient. Castle ruins, monks chanting, drums beating, blood in your veins ancestral ancient. That's what this song is. And every time I hear it, I count down another day until I am reunited with my origin, the beginning. I can only imagine what I'll feel then.

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