Monday, September 16, 2013

Music Monday Megamix

Since I've been away awhile, I feel it's only right to come at you with a whole truck load of musical tid bits. It's been a weird time, dear lovely readers. I encountered many opportunities (or what seemed like opportunities) that ended up being loaded with unprofessional folks, a few broken promises, and a failed television network. But hey, I ate, I paid my bills, and added a few new clients to my roster. Life goes on. 

And they keep putting out records. Thank god. 

- First of all, while the CHVRCHES album, The Bones of What You Believe (for the record, I don't like the title) isn't out until later this month, we can finally preview it thanks to the always good people at NPR. I heard most of this at their show at the Fonda. I like it as much as I remember.

- While we're at it, here's the Blood Diamonds remix of "The Mother We Share."

- Vegas homeboys The Killers pair up with M83 producing for "Shot at the Night"-- a combo full of promise with lackluster results.

- Kings of Leon covering Robyn for the BBC was a nice highlight of last week. 

- Speaking of which, stream their new album Mechanical Bull right now. 

- New Lorde. "Team." It's legit. 

- New(ish) Frighted Rabbit track, "Candlelit."

- These isolated Beatles vocals are killer. I keep listening to them. Just over and over. 

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