Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Autumn Reading

So far this year, I've felt deprived of novels I was genuinely excited to read. Missing was that giddy, luscious feeling, knowing I'm about to devour one. Luckily, this fall, there's finally some stuff to look forward to on the novel front. Here's what I can't wait to buy:

Wally Lamb - We Are Water
Oct. 22
He gets a bad rap as too populist, but I still think Wally Lamb is the shit. And I can't wait to be knee-deep in it again.

Elizabeth Gilbert- 
The Signature of All Things
Oct. 1
Also getting a rap even worse than Lamb is Liz Gilbert. But I still think about how much I liked her first novel, Stern Men, and I'm glad she's back to writing on another subject besides herself. 

Donna Tartt - The Goldfinch
Oct. 22
I still have adolescent reader scars from The Secret History and I always come back for more trauma

Not novels, but:
Roth Unbound. A Writer & His Books
Oct. 22
Because... Philip Roth. Nuff said.

The Bernstein Letters
Oct. 29
Oh, Leonard. You are a man of wonder. 

For a longer list, check out this one compiled by The Daily Beast

For good measure, thought this headline is impossible, because you cannot qualify unique, here are some bitchin' libraries around the world

** also, I continue to feel ambivalent about posting links to amazon instead of other book sellers like Barnes & Noble. I think this is the last time I'll do it. Damn you, Franzen. But I have 3 more months on my amazon prime membership, so... ack. 

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