Tuesday, April 6, 2010

winter always turns to spring

Probably the best birthday ever. I can't believe how many people were so sweet to me today. Sweet Morgan Karr bringing me licorice & diet coke. Bebhinn got me the most beautiful bracelet in the world! Everyone's lovely (and abundant-- almost overwhelmingly so) comments, phone calls, etc. Promises, Promises was also the best time I've had on Broadway all season. And couldn't have asked for better company.

So many people are struggling right now. And there are lots of examples of why it's easier, safer, less messy to avoid serious attachments to anyone. But it's days like today to remind me, and hopefully everyone, that we're better off for all that we let in. And like the man, Nichiren, said:
"We are as if in winter, which never fails to turn into spring. Never have I seen or heard of winter turning into autumn."
From the Gosho.

My thoughts are with my very wonderful, special, fighting friends. Especially Miss Emily.

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