Saturday, April 24, 2010

astoria park the winter vs. in the spring. Even though I lost my keys there on my run today, (that's what I get for putting them in my bra) no matter the season, I love Astoria Park!

Last night, I went on a boat concert/cruise with for my old pal, Dion Roy. (Aly & Erin were there too) I wanted to post a picture of us from the old days. Which leads to my plans for tonight-- I'm reliving my early days in NYC with a WMDs concert at Rockwood. Ah those good old days. Although, in this pic of me, Dion & Aly, you can still see the last traces of my black eye. Because I'm facing un-injured side to the camera, you can't really see the big gash in my head. Which is a story for another time. A little story we like to call "Drugged, Mugged & Slugged." Anyhow, off to enjoy the rest of this beautiful Saturday!

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