Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm on itunes

We've made it! Steven & I were  honored to be a part of such a fun and meaningful theatre community project, The Battery's Down, created by our hilarious friend, Jake Wilson.

Our fun little number, "Video Chat," was in the Season 2 Premiere last April. For a 45 second song, I think Steven & I got a lot out of it. Most of the appeal was visual, so definitely check out the episode especially to see the adorable faces of Andrew, Nina, Jake and Cortney. Andrew's lines in the scene before the song crack me up EVERY TIME!!

And we were honored again to be included as a bonus track on the brand new soundtrack for Season 2. I hate to implore, but please buy this album. I will actually make money if this album makes money. All the songs are written by wonderful theatre writers, some of whom have Pulitzers! And they're all my wonderful friends.

You can buy a hard copy of the album on the Sh-K-Boom Records site. Or if you can't buy the whole album, please buy at least MY SONG-- it's only 99 cents! Thanks in advance :)

And look at all this ink we're getting:

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