Monday, June 2, 2014

Whoops I Missed The Weekend Links

Sorry guys. Been real swamped. And also really buried in anger and articles about Elliot Rodger. I'm gonna spare you from any of those links. And while I was doing all that, it Juned all over the place. Oye. 

- I really appreciate that the scale was presented in Jon Hamms. Also, Fassbender. Just happening here. What's good for the goose, objectifiers.

- This fantastic lady featured on access hollywood

- Selling DFW's private correspondence... ooooh, all my issues!!

- The Wonder Years Reunion! (!!!)

- These "Abortion Barbie" attack ads against Wendy Davis are DISGUSTING.

- Oh, Maya. You will be missed. I love these moments of you and Dave Chappelle.

- A co-worker of mine from a previous life in children's television. Avoid that irony, Jordan Rathus!

- Vivian Maier and Difficult Women

- Why John Waters stopped making movies

- I'll be using pippit from now on. You should try too!

- And here's your dreamy, musical meditation for Monday. A Sunny Day in Glasgow. Just sit with that. Anyone who's ever experienced the rare beauty that is a sunny day in Scotland can tell you, there's nothing like it. 

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