Friday, June 13, 2014

Bring Me Your Mugs Friday Links

The word Mugs will always make me think of one of my childhood best friends, Margaret "Mugs" Gillespie. I gave her that nickname. Not 100% sure why, but it really seemed to suit her, and she is still often called that today. It's a great nickname, which is a great art. Enough tangential thinking though. I bring up Mugs because in a great coup of psychological marketing (at least for people like me) Intelligentsia has thought to give St Vincent her own coffee.

It's 22 dollars.  I definitely still bought it. (Jesus Saves. I Spend.) It's delicious and bright... (Orange marmalade, brown sugar, lime zest....) because Annie Clark is a goddess who is incapable of making a misstep. The title is a reference to her song "Bring Me Your Loves." Which I and the good people of Intelligentsia clearly do.

They also sell her album on vinyl there. If I didn't already own the record (on vinyl) I'd have bought that too.

More with the links though! And happy Friday!

- Speaking of coffee, apparently the best latte in America is in my neighborhood. I shall report back.

- Andrew Keenan-Bolger as a hobo clown. How are you so wonderful always? Also, how are you 29 already, sweet pal?

- People who don't want to be right (factually.) Boy am I NOT one of these people.

- Fox Cancels "I Wanna Marry Harry." Maybe there is hope for America.

- Guys, donate to Reading Rainbow. Because books are good and I don't want us to be so stupid.

- Portugal. Yum.

- This isn't what I'd do with 36 hours in Edinburgh, but I support any activities there.

- The honey moon and Friday the 13th.

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