Friday, June 20, 2014

Painted Lady Friday Links

What a long week. I'm real glad it's Friday. In two weeks, Iona will be here! In the meantime, I'm just really trying to get my ducks in a row across all facets. I'm tempted to mix a lot of metaphors here. Streamline spinning plates. Break some eggs to make omelets. What's that? Just give us the links? Okay, sounds good.

- One of San Fran's Painted Ladies sells for 900k under asking price. Where was I?

- Pal & fellow Vegas native Jillian Bell is having an utterly deserved amazing year.

- I love Silicon Valley. That is all.

- Molly Ringwald singing a jazz version of "Don't You Forget About Me" to me was definitely a high point for any 80s kid. See her again July 1 and July 15

- One MINUTE parking in LA. A new LA parking low.

- Yes, he's a felon. But once he's out of prison, he should definitely be a model.

- Anyone tried this ALOHA stuff??

- Lots of mixed feelings about Chipotle's "disposable" literature.

- Cormac McCarthy's REJECTED Chipotle cup

- George Saunders on kindness.

- Everyone who ever did forensics with me in High School knows, I love me some "Say My Name." (Upon looking at the video again, I'm noticing Bey's 'stache.) Now, The Awl asks, "Is this the original 'Say My Name'?" Well, it doesn't have what I love about the song, but fair enough. Dark child nah nah.

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