Friday, August 23, 2013

Radio Silence Friday Links

Still here in Vegas. Movin and shakin and whathaveyou. There were some good links flying around lately though, so I present them to you now. Haviland gets here later! Yay! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!! 

- Despite not being the biggest fan of Marisha Pessl, I still have high hopes for her latest, Night Film. There's also an app, which seems kind of cool. Her website for her first novel was one of my faves. 

- Aerin Lauder home collection, you excite me. 
- Also, these home items at Waiting on Martha. Good stuff here. 
- The collected wisdom of Chris Rock.
- Infinitely better casting for Lady M in this Scots version of the Scottish Play.
- Building creative confidence
- I love stories like this. Artefacts being returned. The human element.
- Cool video about the history of Santa Monica
- New Frightened Rabbit "Radio Silence." Preorder "Late March, Death March" EP.

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