Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sara Bareilles - The Blessed Unrest

Sara Bareilles straddles the line between the mainstream formula and the unexpected, the insightful better than pretty much any artist I can think of. Most everyone feels like they have to come down hard on one side or the other. Not Sara.

Her new album, The Blessed Unrest, is my favorite yet. With Brave & Manhattan, I knew we should be expecting something great. Filled with rich, textured pop songs, but also, songs about death and life set in one of the largest and most imposing cemeteries on Earth. And you know I love a good uplifting number about cemeteries. Always have. The above and below of it. Something about being uplifted by acknowledging the dark side, the impermanence of all of it. The etchings left behind that only hint at what once was. 

Here's my current fave track (Chasing the Sun) from the album, which is out next week, but you can stream on itunes now. If you know me, these are the kind of lyrics I'd write. And as a bonus, the vid has the lyrics in Spanish... ???

It’s a really old city 
Stuck between the dead and the living 
So I thought to myself, sitting on a graveyard shelf 
As the echo of heartbeats, from the ground below my feet 
Filled a cemetery in the center of Queens 

I started running the maze of 
The names and the dates, some older than others 
The skyscrapers, little tombstone brothers 
With Manhattan behind her, three million stunning reminders 
Built a cemetery in the center of Queens 

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