Monday, July 29, 2013

Music Monday - 1975

Last week, during my flurry of activity with Dena, we went to see these guys at the 987 Hollywood Tower Penthouse. It was pretty awesome and Kade and I have been rocking out to their EP in anticipation of their fall album all summer long. (Sorry/Not Sorry for those multiple screamy videos as we cruised down PCH on Fourth of July.)

When I first started listening to them, me and fave Brit, David, had to take a minute to assess A.) which vaguely Northern accent the guys had. (Google helped us out. Manchester by way of Cheshire) and B.) If lead singer, Matthew Healy-- who reminds me a bit of a young Dave Gahan-- was kind of putting it on with his accent. Like, ya know, milking it a bit. Turns out he's not and they were smart, witty and lovely to chat with last week. 

"The City" is my favorite song of theirs. Get into it. 

Full length album out September 2, UK, September 3, US.

If you wanna find love, then you know where the city is... 

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