Friday, July 19, 2013

Dena in LA Friday Links

My fairy godmother/family friend/Fergie & Fife all-star reader arrives from Georgia tomorrow! We have some pretty amazing girls-trip type activities planned (which I'm sure you'll see more of on here in no time) and I'm looking forward to checking out some of the places in LA I've always wanted to go, but lacked the means or genuine motivation (read: occasion) to make it a priority. 

I can't wait to spend some QT with Dena! I know my friends are about as excited as I am. She's pretty much everyone's favorite. 

Here are your weekend links. 

- One of the places we'll be perusing is the Danish Modern store in Silverlake.
- Another possibility. WINE!
- 5 Great California homes
- LA's abandoned city plans
- One of these, please. 
- This is old, but it needs to be noted... Fassbender. Macbeth. IN SCOTS. Mind = blown.
- Speaking of Scots with castles. GUESS WHO ELSE IS HERE! The Chief!
- This is NO JOKE some amazing science magic. But chemicals always have down sides. Wonder what this one's is?
- Interesting piece on abortion
- The elderly + the young person they remember
- Many of these were difficult... many were alarmingly easy. 
- I spent a lot of very happy time in TX, but in any turf war (& given some recent events there) I will ALWAYS pick NYC. I LOVED this video. "Remember the alamo? NEITHER DO WE!" 

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  1. AnonymousJuly 19, 2013

    That does my heart good---you two will have a very, VERY large time. That gets the whoohooamen.


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