Friday, May 23, 2014

Formulating a Friday Return Links

Hi there. It's me. Remember me, dear void? I don't want to make a lot of excuses or anything. I just want to lay it on you and proceed without any promises. I'll start with the links. Because it feels like the easiest way to resume without tucking my blog tail between my legs. Just think of all the links I've been sitting on these months telling myself I'd share them with you. Ah, velleity. Alas, most of them have evaporated from my memory. Anyhoo.

-My life is embodied in THIS article right now. I am the bespoke series lady. 

-Amy Poehler's Smart Girls is looking for contributors. They're basically the best. Wish I had the energy for any additional free writing work. If I did, I'd be all over this bitch. 

-We know this. But it's always good to reiterate. 

-Africa. And Britain. Together. Weirdly. Giraffe Castle

- A weekend getaway to Edinburgh. Sigh.

-The Great Whiskey Shortage. We drink more than they can make. Thankfully, it's not the single malt Scottish whisky that is my own personal jam. 

- Did I already share this? I don't care. I'm doing it again. Anastasia takes a selfie

- Don and Peggy dancing to "My Way" is one of my favorite TV moments ever. 

I can't keep white shirts nice, I ruin computers in three years no matter what, and my manicure never dries before I mess it up-- ever-- but here's my pinterest if you're interested. I look pretty with it there. I think.  There's this too. It's a lot of other people's dogs and kids. 

I love you like XO.

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