Friday, April 15, 2011

A Taste of Scotland in SoCal

Hello hello, McC here! While Miss Ferguson's wanderlust continues to Skye this weekend, I thought I'd drop in with a little Scottish love from sunny El-Layyyy.

Robert Burns eats at The Gorbals, no joke!

Do you watch Top Chef? I don't, but that doesn't keep me from loving Ilan Hall's Scottish/Jewish fusion restaurant in downtown Los Angeles. The Gorbals is named after the neighborhood in Glasgow where Ilan's father grew up, and its odd mash-up of cuisines makes for a fantastic dining experience. Sneak through the lobby of the Alexandria Hotel, order yourself a Rosemary's Baby at the bar (rosemary rum, milk, the king's ginger, and cinnamon...mmm), and prepare yourself for an oddball evening.

I'm no food critic, but I will say there's something particularly delightful about a menu that includes haggis burgers, paella, chicken skin sandwiches, gefilte fish ‘n chips, and bacon-wrapped matzoh balls. Matzoh balls. Wrapped in BACON. Some highlights for the table: the buttery-butter butterfest that was the roasted bone marrow, the bánh mì poutine, and surprisingly, the broccoli, soy, chilies, and vinegar. I found the sticky toffee pudding underwhelming, but that is more likely due to my strong bias for the Edinburgh version than any fault in Mr. Hall's recipe.

Open invitation to any Fergie & Fifers who would like to visit LA and take me back to The Gorbals! Happy weekend from California. xoxo

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