Friday, October 19, 2018

Hey. Yes, this site is still a thing. Kinda.

Three years you say? Yeah. It's been that long. There are reasons. And there are reasons I'm back. Some fun, some practical.  I'll admit that a huge portion of why I'm immediately back today, right now,  is because the time it takes me to post this will save me enormous amounts of time answering people who write to Steven and me about sheet music.


I don't know if I'm going to keep this space here or roll it over into a new website I'm very ambivalent about making. TBD on that.

I don't live in Scotland anymore and my work keeps me in LA more than I'd like. But I have done some fun stuff I haven't written about on here, but have written about, or would like to write about more. So maybe I'll do that.

But I did get married. (A lot fo people got married. I'll post about that too.)
I married a Scot, so... I know what you're thinking... it's what I'm thinking too. That door is open again.
And the longer Donald Trump remains the president, the more I think about it.
But then Brexit.
So... ???

Like anyone's 3 years, a lot happened in my last three years. Really tent pole stuff that fully swung the pendulum from the very worst (Trump, rapists on the Supreme Court, deaths) to the very very best. 

I wrote a lot more TV shows
I pitched them with Autumn to crazy cool places like HBO and NBC and here there and everywhere
We got an agent we were really excited about!
It turns out he sucked and actively undermined us for jobs. 
(He was also quite patronizing and told us we wouldn't get a job because we were white and no one was allowed to get on the ladder in Hollywood anymore if you were white, even if we were women.)
I wrote (or finally finished, really) a new musical with Steven. 
I finished my novel and got a cool new agent for that. 
My husband and I went through an expensive and invasive visa process. I'll write more about this. Hey immigration hound Repubs out there: if you think it's "too easy" to immigrate to the US, YOU'RE WRONG. Legally, illegally, it's all very difficult. 
The implication from my Repub family members is, "Well Jon's okay because he's my husband, or because he's Scottish..." aka he's white and not from one of those "shithole" countries their president always talks about. Newsflash: THAT'S RACIST.
My favorite artist/musician in the world killed himself. He did exactly what he described doing in one of his songs. It was heartbreaking and I'm still more upset about it than it feels prudent to be, but there you have it. 

Most of the time, I really don't feel like talking to people. Anyone. But then, something about all this does make me want to talk about it. At least here. In this way. How I used to. 

For now,  Hello again.
Am I here? Of course I am, yes.
All I need is your hand to pull me out again.


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