Ryann recently finished a collection of short stories, Living Donors

A Novel in Stories by Ryann Ferguson

Zadie is trying to remember a time before she feared dogs; her father, the last time he genuinely enjoyed a meal, and Debbie, the exact way she felt the day she looked into a mirrored ball and saw her future.

Living Donors traces interlocking stories through three generations of a new kind of family as they try, fail, and cross over their own boundaries in parenthood, joy, and satisfaction. On a kind of nomadic childhood, the thing that stays constant for Zadie is her bright inner world—a kind of compass that cannot be skewed. Despite neglect and jealousy from her mother and stepmother, Zadie navigates the channels towards adulthood in a style all her own. Zadie learns when to break allegiances and seek surrogate nurturing. With help from her father & friends, ancient stories from relatives, and her humorous imagination, Zadie finds a sense of home in the world of families who count her as their own. But at what cost?

Stories of hope, the loss of it, loyalty and violence, Living Donors looks towards the moments when the magic of youth can sour into shame, tragedy, or worse-- resignation. And the pound of flesh we owe to be a member of any family.

For an introduction, check out these short stories:
Alice's House - Part One

Why Stop Now?

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